Boundary Scan Çözümleri

Acculogic provides best-in-class Boundary Scan Tools (BST) for automated test and on board programming application. Acculogic’s powerful BST systems are modular and expandable; they are designed to fit any application, environment and budget.

The Acculogic BST systems are offered in either Development or Run time configuration. Development systems are designed for the user to prepare and validate the Boundary Scan application. Run time systems are offered at significantly lower cost, for use in production or repair depots, utilizing the programs developed by the engineering department.

Acculogic BST systems support the entire product life cycle from design and development to manufacturing to field service.

Boundary Scan Systems

Acculogic Boundary Scan Test (BST) suite is the fastest on the market, with 2 - 10 times the throughput of any comparable system. The Acculogic BST provides superior test coverage, accuracy, repeatability and transportability.

Acculogic offers the BST suite in two series of products, the Development series and Production run time series. Each of series offers the ability to customize the hardware and software to your unique test and programming needs.

Acculogic Boundary Scan Controllers

Acculogic Boundary Scan controllers share a common set of powerful and patented capabilities that places them ahead of the competitors. These unique features facilitate:

  • Adaptive clocking supports long cable length
  • Proprietary 32-bit boundary scan controller ~ JPCI
  • Non-stop data transmission
  • High speed data transmission ~ 25 Mega Bits/second
  • Programmable TCK = 30 MHz
  • Support for long cable length ~ up-to 15 meters
  • Gang programming and testing of multiple targets at the same time ~ 16 targets
  • Boundary Scan Controlled digital channels with configurable scan chain
  • Support for unlimited scan chain length
  • Support for Addressable Scan Port – Multi-drop
  • Support for non-compliant and proprietary TAP operations
  • Support for multiple scan chains/voltage levels


The Acculogic BST family of limited access board testers brings the right suite of capabilities to meet the challenges of today's rapidly changing manufacturing environment where shrinking products, shorter life cycles, and faster time to market.

Acculogic's Limited Access Test Suite provides the ability to test today's more complex, denser boards with high fault coverage and accurate diagnostics. The BST suite provide easy-to-use test development environments that let you tackle the most complex board test problems caused by loss of access.

Superior hardware performance helps you to test boards faster and more reliably thereby, helping you to reduce the cost of manufacturing.

Acculogic's Boundary Scan test and programming suite is the only truly production-ready system on the market. The BST suite will help you to meet production beat-rate and exceed your customer's quality expectations.

Why Acculogic?

  • High reliability and throughput
  • Adaptive Clocking to eliminate path delays
  • Supports long cables between target and the controller
  • Comprehensive test pattern generation tools (ATPG)
  • Complete suite of tools to maximize test fault coverage
  • Accurate and easy to understand diagnostics
  • Powerful Debug tools (for engineering and production use)
  • Support for industry standard executives
  • Full support for Flash and configurable devices such as CPLDs and PLDs
  • Software and hardware support for parallel access programming and test
  • Ease of integration with existing manufacturing processes
  • Integrates readily into commercial ATE platforms